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Scope of Counselling Service

Basically you can talk about any issues related to you in counselling, it's confidential

  • emotional disturbances (including anxiety, depression, grief, anger, and fear, etc.)

  • Personal growth

  • Parenting difficulties

  • work stress or working relationship difficulties

  • Marriage difficulties (marital growth, lack of effective communication, extra-marital affairs)

  • Interpersonal relationship difficulties

Who needs counselling?

The most widely used approaches are: Person-centered therapy, Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), Family Therapy, and Solution focused therapy.

Our Counsellor

We use psychological theories as basis for change. The Goal of counselling is to help clients improve mental health, try new ways of coping and relating with other people.

Our Counsellor will provide an atmosphere with security, empathy and acceptance, so as to assist clients face and handle crisis or traumatic situations, and help clients deal with the long-term consequences of these events.

Ms Stella Choy holds a Master Degree in Social Sciences (Counselling) with a Distinction and had completed intensive counselling training and supervised clinical practice. With more than 2000 clinical hours, Ms Choy became an Approved Counselling Supervisor. We not only respect clients' values, but also strictly follow the confidentiality and codes of ethics of Psychological Counselling.

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