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Discounts are available for 5-session, and 10 session packages.
Contact us so that we can give you the price list for (1) to (6)

(1) Speech and language assessment 60 minutes (including a written 1-page report)
(Please note a booking deposit of €100 is required for assessments. This is fully refundable if the assessment is cancelled within 48 hours)
(2) Speech and language therapy 45 minutes or 60 minutes
SPEECH AND LANGUAGE THERAPY FEES ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE. To avail of this you will need to claim through a Income Tax (IT) return and retain all receipts.
Many Health Insurance policies offer benefits towards the cost of sessions. Please contact your Health Insurance Provider to check your personal policy benefit.
(3) Play Therapy intake 60 minutes (about 30 minutes meeting parents and 30 minutes meeting your child)
(4) Play Therapy session 60 minutes (Parent consultation can be arranged in every 5 sessions)
(5) Counselling session 60 minutes

Treatment from a psychotherapist (including Counsellor) is a qualified expense that is tax deductible.
(6) Lego(R)-based Therapy group 60 minutes (max. 3 children in a group)
Ms Stella Choy has other teaching responsibilities, current timetable for appointments are:
Mondays and Thursdays 9:00am-6:00pm
Saturdays 9:00am-1:00pm

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