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CORU registered Speech and Language Therapist


Stella Choy is registered to practise as a Speech and Language Therapist in Ireland by CORU. She is also a member of Indepedent Speech and Langauge Therapists Ireland (ISTI).

Stella has over 20 years of experience in Speech and language therapy since graduating from The University of Hong Kong with a Bachelor of Science in Speech and Hearing Sciences (Honours). She has worked with over 500 individuals, supervised speech therapy students and lectured "Language Delays and Training", "Autism Spectrum Disorders", and "Special Education" at universities.

With her extensive experiences, Stella specializes in working with children with complex needs in a holistic approach, such as Autism Spectrum, selective mutism, ADHD, sensory sensitivities, and oromotor delay, in naming a few.

She is a bilingual speaker of English and Chinese. She holds advanced certificates in Chinese, French, and German. Stella completed introductory-level courses in Gaeilge, Japanese and Korean. She specializes in giving parenting advice about the language environment for your child.

With a cross-disciplinary background, Stella is completing her PhD Education at Trinity College Dublin, to research evidence-based strategies to help more children and adults.

CORU Registration No: SL052561

Psychological Counsellor, Play Therapist and Lego®-Based Therapy facilitator (now re-branded as Brick-by-Brick™ program), Approved Counselling Supervisor (HKPCA), Member of A4PT(US), Brick-by-Brick™ program facilitator (UK)


Stella has over 15 years of experience in family support services, with children, young people and families, after graduating from The University of Hong Kong with Master of Social Sciences degree in Counselling (Distinction). She has completed 500 hours of play therapy sessions, supervised and lectured Master students in play therapy, and supervises practising play therapists in their work.

She delivers research-informed parenting support programmes and works therapeutically with children, young people and adults. Stella offers children a non-directive play space to process challenges influencing their development and well-being.

After further intensive training in play therapy in the U.S., Stella published two parenting books that were well-received.

Stella has completed 2000 hours of counselling sessions including parenting groups, teachers and professionals workshops. She is an Approved Counselling Supervisor to supervise practising counsellors.

In counselling, a safe one-to-one space is provided to support and facilitate changes.


Stella works with individuals helping them with anxiety, depression, trauma, relationship problems, adoption, bereavement, self-harm, low mood, behaviour challenges, stress, low self-esteem and identity issues. Stella is specialized in working with children with complex needs such as Autism, selective mutism, ADHD and giftedness. Stella is trained to deliver Lego®-Based Therapy groups in schools for social skills and anxiety issues.


Ms. Choy,

Thank you for your care and teaching in the past 2 months. I learned how to protect my voice and how to project my voice in the sessions. In the process of therapy, I could strongly feel your continuous encouragement. You motivated me to have progress. Hope you can help more friends.

Carson's Mum, Play Therapy

Thank you Stella.

Your play therapy effectively assisted Carson's social anxiety reduction, particularly with peers. We, as parents also learnt a lot from you about tips in helping Carson in overcomijng his selective mutism. This is important because reducing/ eliminating SM may need longer time, with your advice and encouragement, we are more confident in handling it.

Thank you for your willingness in helping communicating with school teachers and therapist in school. Carson is lucky to be in a school with inclusive culture and open-minded teachers who are willing to work hand-in-hand with parents to support Carson's development.

I am grateful that when I lost hope, you were like shouting at the other end of the tunnel that I will recover from my depression, without any medications. I could not hear you one year ago, now I believe in you. Thank you for helping my daughter, myself and my whole family.

Lok Lok's Mum, Play Therapy

Ms. Choy,

When facing a kid who was always complained by the teacher, as a parent, I really feel bad. Initially, when Lok Lok has not been diagnosed as having autistic features, I remembered you said "No matter he has autistic features or not, we should still love him, help him according to his need." Your words made me relieved somehow. Play Therapy not only gave Lok Lok a space of freedom, but also beautiful memories, and positive development. He progressed from total non-compliance, unresponsive to others' speech, to listening to commands, to self-control, to getting on well with his brother, to taking initiatives to play with us... ...All those improvements.

Ms. Choy you have been right, all those things not just happened by chance. I really appreciate your love and effective way to help him grow, you has an important role in his life. You also helped me when I felt confused... ...There's a way indeed.

Thank you!

Play Therapy, a gifted child

Dear Ms. Choy,

In these short 10 sessions, I saw my child's obvious progress. Thank you for your understanding, support and teaching me the skills to treat my child.I know my son has temper tantrum, hope he did not hurt you or destroy those toys. Really sorry!

But Thank you for your love and patience!

Wish you work smoothly and happily!

Suen Suen's Mum

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